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Fall's Necessary Hair Accessory

Posted by Bun Queen on November 14, 2013 0 Comments

Fall is here with summer leaving us with fading tans lines and the end of summer blues. It is time to ramp up your sweater arsenal, look for a new leather jacket, and some killer closed toes shoes. Don’t let your hair be the last on your list for a fall maker over though! The new look is all about the high bun, aka, a topknot. The best hair accessory you can have to achieve this look is a hair donut. It gives you the perfect bun in under a minute, and holds the look all day. Some even say it resembles a ballerina bun from their leotard days.

Rocking a hair bun is versatile, and doesn't tangle in a scarf or your layers of clothing required for the cold. The best part about using a hair donut is that it works best when you have unwashed hair! Adding a little Moroccan Oil to the ends of your hair and letting it soak in all day while your hair is pulled back and flawless, is a great Bun Queen trick. If you have oily hair and no time for a wash, try some dry shampoo to tame the oil and slick back into a sock bun.

Don’t forget about your makeup and nails either! The smokey eye is always a classic, and this season it is all about colored lips that make a statement. Try a reddish coral or a playful purple, even a deep shade of plum goes great with a donut bun. For nails this season it is all about grays and bold reds. Just image yourself now… cat eyes, cherry red lips that match your nails, a leather jacket and leopard scarf offset by white pearls, and a high, classic bun. Perfection! 

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