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Perfect Sock Bun Hairstyles

Red Sock BunThe sock bun is a great hairstyle for all different kinds of events and parties. There are a lot of different situations that require us to wear our hair up and what better way than to do a sock bun. It is quick, easy, and looks like you spent hours in the bathroom when it really only took minutes. There are a variety of different bun hairstyles you can get from the sock bun including weddings, prom and ballet recitals.

Wedding Sock Buns!

Wedding hair can be expensive and after asking your bridesmaids to buy dresses, shoes, and jewelry, the last thing we want to do is ask them to spend more money on getting their hair done. The sock bun is a great look for bridesmaid’s hair and for the bride. They are cheap and look flawless. Add a flower or barrette for a little bit of sparkle and flair. The sock bun is perfect for wedding hair and making impeccable bun hairstyles.

Prom Sock Buns!

It is so important to look your best for prom and other school dances. Those pictures will be with you for years and a sock bun helps you do just that. Use a hair donut to make your perfect sock bun look instead of going to the salon and spending a fortune to get your hair done when it will be flat by the time the party starts. You can use a large hair donut and make a very sophisticated bun or go with a small size and add a braid or two. The sock bun is great for prom hair.

Ballet Sock Buns!

Sock Bun Hairstyle

Another event that calls for a sock bun is a ballet recital. We all know that ballet and hair buns go hand in hand. We might as well use a hair donut to make sure that bun is perfect and secure. Hair donuts come in different sizes and colors so getting them for a studio is perfect. While the girls are dancing beautifully across the stage their hair will be looking beautiful in their little sock buns.

Whether it is wedding hair, prom hair, or ballet hair, sock buns can save you money and time. They look great and you aren’t wearing a sock in your hair. Use a hair donut and get the perfect sock bun every time.

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