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Summer Hair

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Summer Sock Buns

July and August are two of the hottest months of the year and one great way to cool off is to put your hair up! Keeping your hair off of your neck can be much more comfortable when you are in the heat because it helps keeps you cooler. Let’s face it no one wants to be sweaty and sticky, but during the summer it is harder to avoid. If the base of your neck is sweaty it is going to mess up your hair if it is down so we might as well have a great new updo for the hot summertime.

Summer HairstylesYou guessed it; a hair donut is all you need to get your hair off your neck and back. It is a great option to use to put your hair up in a perfect bun. You can make so many different sock bun looks with your hair donut which is why it is the perfect accessory for the summer! Put your hair in a high sock bun or keep it messier in a low sock bun. The option is up to you and all you need is a hair donut to do it.

Get a Perfect Sock Bun for Summer!

Keep cool and put your hair up this summer. Get your hair donut and create the perfect bun for your hair. The sock bun hairstyle works for all hairstyles and lengths because we offer 3 different sizes of hair donuts. The small, medium, and large hair donuts will help you in every situation and for any occasion. We hope to see your cute sock buns this summer!

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