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Smokey Eye

Posted by Bun Queen on September 12, 2012 0 Comments

It is time for a makeup tip blog! Let’s face it, we all at some point and time have wanted to create that awesome smokey eye look and we agree that every girl needs to learn how to get the perfect smokey eye. Whether you are going out for a night on the town or are getting dressed up for a special occasion, the smokey eye is a perfect solution to getting that  fun look. You probably have tried creating the smokey eye before, and sometimes it just doesn’t turn out exactly how we had imagined. So we want to share with you some of our favorite tips and tricks to make sure you go out looking your best and rocking the smokey eye!

Smokey Eye Tips!

Here are some tips you should try and play with to help you get that perfect smokey eye:

  • Use an eye shadow base or primer to prep your eye lid. No one wants your eye shadow to melt into your eyelid crease!
  • Apply your eyeliner first making the line thicker in the middle of your eye for a more dramatic effect
  • Start with your lighter color of eyeshadow and then blend the darker color in after, just be careful not to cover up all of the lighter color when you start applying the darker.
  • Make sure your eyes are match and are blended well. A Q-tip can be your best friend.
  • Use lots of mascara to finish the look!

We love trying new things so why not try a gold and purple smokey eye instead of the traditional black. You could also try a colored mascara or colored eyeliner to get a different look. The possibilities are endless with your smokey eye so make it your own and have fun with it.

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