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Sock Bun Curls

Posted by Bun Queen on September 12, 2012 0 Comments

After you have your hair donut and have been rocking your sock bun for a while you might want to change it up a little bit and wear your hair down. Lucky for you, your hair donut can help with that too! Your sock bun can give you great curls. Sock bun curls are super easy and they don’t require heat!

Since we have all watched the sock bun instructional videos we know how to do the roll down method to create our sock bun so creating sock bun curls is easy (in case you missed the sock bun instructional video here is a link So all you have to do is make a sock bun with slightly damp hair and sleep in it! Then in the morning you have magical curls. We of course have a few tips and tricks to help you get the best curls because let’s face it not everyone’s hair is the same. So here are your tips how to make sock bun curls:

Tips to Make Sock Bun Curls!

  • Make sure your hair is only slightly damp so that it dries over night
  • Your sock bun doesn’t have to be perfect because you are only going to sleep in it
  • Using day old hair and a spray bottle to slightly dampen your hair might work best if your hair tends to get frizzy
  • Using a little bit of product in your hair before putting it up in the sock bun will help with the curls to last longer the next day
  • Trying different sizes of hair donut can make a difference in your curls look
  • Putting your sock bun on top of your head will help make sure your curls aren’t smashed when you wake up (and it will be more comfortable while you are sleeping)
  • When you take your sock bun out the next day you might have to separate some of your curls and twirl them around your finger to get a more piecey look

Those are just a few tips that we have for making sock bun curls. Don’t get discouraged if your curls don’t work perfectly the first time. It takes time and practice to figure out which techniques work best for your hair. Once you do perfect what works for your hair the sock bun curls will be amazing and the best part is there is no heat so you aren’t damaging your hair! So go out and show off those beautiful sock bun curls when you aren’t wearing your sock bun that is!

sock bun curls

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