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Military Hair

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Military Sock Buns

Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force, Coast Guard, we appreciate all of the men and women who fight for our country. Being a woman in the military is very impressive, and we want to make sure that women even in the most stressful of jobs such as protecting our country are still looking their best! We understand that in this profession it is necessary to wear your hair up almost every day and putting your hair up in a hair bun is probably getting old by now. This just means it is time to try a sock bun. We don’t think that it would be very appropriate to start cutting up your military socks and no one should be wearing a sock in their hair anyways; so hair donuts are the only way to go!  A sock bun can make a great military hair bun.

How to do a Military Sock Bun!

There are two different ways to make a sock bun. The roll down method and the alternative method (watch videos here: If you have trouble with one way there is always a second way to try and the best part is that you can make your sock bun in just minutes! Sock buns last all day and can make a very formal look or more fun and playful depending on the size and placement. For a military hair bun we would recommend doing a nice tight high sock bun or if a hat is part of your uniform a nice tight low sock bun would be perfect for a military hair bun. Sock buns work for all different kinds of hair whether it is long and thick or shorter and finer. So put your scissors down, put your socks on your feet and get yourself a hair donut to make a great military sock bun!

Military Sock Bun

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