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Holiday Gift Idea

Posted by Bun Queen on December 02, 2012 0 Comments

Hair Donut Holiday Gift Idea

With the holiday season fast approaching, start your gift list now to relieve the stress of the gift giving this holiday season. Going to the stores this time of year is chaotic, but if you do your shopping online you can avoid the long lines, the mass amounts of other shoppers, and all of the stress of going to multiples stores. Online shopping gives the luxury of doing your holiday shopping from your own home on your own time!

Hair Donut Bundle

Have a few women, or young ladies on your list, but have no idea what to get them? The hair bun is back, and hair donuts are proven to be a wonderful gift for all ages. Hair donuts replace the traditional sock bun, and are great gifts for women with long or medium length hair. Bun Queen will ship your hair donuts directly to the recipient, which makes for a hassle free gift for you.

Hair Donuts for Everyone

Have a niece, cousin, or coworker on your list but have no idea what to get them? Consider a hair donut!  Bun Queen offers single hair donuts, trio hair donut packs and hair donut bun-dles in different colors so your loved ones will have everything they need to make the perfect hair bun! Need a stocking stuffer for your daughter, mother, in laws, or grandma? Search no further! Get them a hair donut and wait for the smiles to come!

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