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Holiday Hair

Posted by Bun Queen on December 11, 2012 1 Comment

Holiday Sock Buns

It is that time of year again, holiday parties are in full swing so what are you going to be doing with your hair when you see all of your family and friends? Bun Queen has you covered this holiday season with the help of our hair donuts. We have blonde hair donuts, black hair donuts and brunette hair donuts in different sizes to help match your own personal style. We even offer fun bun-dles in case you have misplaced your hair ties and bobby pins! If you haven't heard the sock bun is the latest trend of 2012, and a great look for all your holiday parry hairstyles.

Whether it is a Christmas party with your coworkers, an ugly Christmas sweater party with your friends, or even a New Year’s Eve party, you need to make sure your hair is looking perfect. You know there will be photos taken so don’t be caught off guard when you are running late and didn't have time to do or finish your hair. Using a hair donut, a sock bun only takes minutes to do and you won’t regret it when you have a perfect hair bun.

Perfect Hair Buns

Hair DonutSo wear a high flawless bun for your work party, or rock a side bun for a family get together. You can even use a hair donut in your bun and add a French braid starting at your neck hair line leading up to your bun, making an upside down French braid for that New Year’s Eve party. There are so many ways to use your hair donut to make it unique and your own. Your hair donut is your perfect bun maker for all of your holiday festivities. So go show off those hair buns and be the envy of all of your holiday parties.

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