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Different Kinds Of Up-Dos

Posted by Bun Queen on February 24, 2013 0 Comments

Up-dos are popular because they can be elegant or casual.  There are several styles where the hair is worn on top of the head or pulled up and pinned close to the scalp.  As you’ll see, you can use a hair sock bun maker to achieve many types of up-dos and twists. 

Up-Do Options

·         French twist: This style is distinguished by a vertical gathering of hair centered on the back of the head.  It is created by gathering the hair together as if to create a low ponytail.  All the hair is than twisted.  Twisting continues until the length can be placed against the head, where it is then secured with bobby pins and clips.

·         Chignon: A round knot-shaped bun at the back of the head.  It is created by gathering the hair together in the same manner as a French twist.  The hair is gradually wound around itself and pinned a little at a time.

·         High bun: A soft, full bun usually worn high on the head.  This is a challenging style for many people to achieve because the hair must first be pulled into a high ponytail and then wrapped tightly on top of the head.  Hair spray and bobby pins are required.

An Easier Solution: Hair Bun Maker

Hair Bun MakerAs you can see, some up-dos require quite a bit of effort.  A sock bun maker can ease the process considerably.  To use a hair bun maker, you’ll first create a ponytail where you want the bun to be.  Pass the tips of your hair through the center of ring and spread out your hair evenly around the edges.  Roll the hair bun maker gradually up the length of the ponytail, making sure to keep the surface as even as possible.  When used correctly, the bun maker will hold your hair firmly in place.

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