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Donut Bun

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How To Achieve The Perfect Donut Bun

You have likely noticed the new trend that seems to be all the rage. It is called the donut bun, and you see it in magazines, on celebrities, and out on the streets. If you are like most women, you are probably wondering how to get achieve the bun that looks like a donut. It seems simple, but it’s difficult to get your hair to stay in place, and it seems that it doesn't come out right. However, there is a tool that will help you achieve the look you are going for, and it will help you get the perfect look every time.

How It Works

Donut BunYou may be wondering how a donut hair bun tool can help you get your hair into the perfect bun. The way it works is rather simple, and all you need is a hair tie and your hair donut. The first thing you are going to do is put your hair into a basic ponytail, at the level you want your bun to be at. Then, you take your hair donut and wrap it around the pony tail. Take the hair donut and pull it out to the ends of your hair. Wrap your hair around the hair donut as you wrap the hair donut closer to your hair, until the hair donut is touching your head. After you have done that, you have the perfect bun!

Alternative Ways

If you are looking for a little bit more of a messy bun look, then there is an alternative way to do the donut bun. For this one, gather two ponytail holders, one hair donut, and several bobby pins. Just like before, start with a simple ponytail. Then, take the hair donut and put it around the ponytail. Divide your hair in half and evenly distribute it over the hair donut. Use the second hair tie to secure your hair around the hair donut. Twirl your extra hair around the bun and secure it with the bobby pins.

Whether you are looking for a perfectly neat bun or a slightly messier bun, using a donut bun tool will help you achieve the look you desire!

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