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Hair Donuts vs. Sock Buns

Posted by Bun Queen on June 09, 2013 0 Comments

The big summer hair trend this year will undoubtedly be the high topknot. By this time we have all seen this tousled bun or perfect ballerina roaming the streets. Even our favorite celebrities like Lauren Conrad rock the messy bun, and Kim Kardashian pulls off the sleek, perfect hair bun.  You may be wondering how it is achieved, and now Bun Queen has the bun secret! 

Some ladies use the old, traditional sock bun method which uses an old tube sock. We would not recommend this at all! The sock bun will unroll and loose its shape. Plus, whose hair is white?!  Never be caught dead wearing a sock in your hair for fear of your hair not covering every inch and someone spotting your "sock bun."

Instead, buy a hair donut immediately! They come in 3 different sizes and in 3 colors to match your hair. Bun Queen has hair donuts for sale in blonde, brunette, and black in small, medium, and large sizes. The hair donut is great for long or short hair, too! The benefits of owning a hair donut are endless, but if you need more persuasion here are a few:

-They won't unroll or tangle in your hair
-Hair donuts keep their shape
-Multiple sizes
-Multiple colors to match you hair 
-Perfect DIY hair bun 

We would strongly recommend you purchase a hair donut today! They will give you a great pulled together look in minutes, and they are perfect for any occasion. 

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