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When the Sock Bun Entered My Life

Posted by Bun Queen on July 28, 2013 0 Comments

I worked in an office with only 4 women out of a 20 person staff.  Needless to say we were chatting hourly about our lives and knew everything about each other. I could almost instinctively piece together what my fellow female coworkers were going to show up wearing almost daily. Taking into consideration a few variables like the weather, and if we had a big meeting or not. To my shock I was completely thrown off when one of the ladies showed up with a big, beautiful hair bun one day out of nowhere! I couldn’t believe my eyes and had to immediately know what she did, and how she achieved this perfect looking doughnut bun. She only had shoulder length hair!

Once she let me in on the “sock bun secret” I ran to my desk to quickly pull up YouTube to begin my search! There were tons of videos, so I chose the one with the most hits and watched, anticipation killing me.  One million views strong, I watch this adorable girl with some sort of accent cut an old tube sock, and roll it into a doughnut shape preparing to form a sock bun.  She then used it in her hair, rolling her long locks around it as she rolled it down close to her head.  Once she was done she hair sprayed the fly aways, and I couldn’t believe my eyes. The perfect hair bun created by merely using a sock! I almost said I was sick so I could leave the office early to run home and raid my drawers to try this new trend, but I waited.

Once home I tried the sock bun myself and was shocked how easy it actually was. I now could get perfect hair by using this simple trick. I also started to notice them everywhere, even on celebrities like Kim and Kourtney Kardashian. I laughed to myself imaging their hairdresser talking them into rocking a sock. It is amazing what we women do for perfect hair!

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