About Us

Sock Bun Hair Donuts

Growing up a ballerina, my mother and I strived to get that perfect, clean bun just before a recital. 15 bobby pins and a half can of hairspray later, I would pray as I twirled across the stage that my hair would stay. Now as a young professional, some mornings I have minutes to pull it together before an 8 A.M. meeting. After researching new and easy hairstyles online, I discovered the “sock bun.” I tried the traditional homemade way of using a sock, but quickly became extremely frustrated with the unreliable, mediocre hair accessory. It would unroll, tangle, fray, and stretch out. Not to mention the fact I was wearing a sock in my hair! If my boss or co-workers were to ever notice, I would have been the laughing stock of the office. I knew there had to be something else I could replace that sock bun with so I could keep my pride intact and have flawless hair... this is when Bun Queen was born and the hair donut was brought to the market.

Now, I can confidently perfect my look, casual or classy, in under 5 minutes with my hair donut. Yes, I know the name "hair donut" does not sound like it can give you the perfect bun, but I guarantee you ladies, it will! This hair accessory has changed my life, and bringing this product to you is my personal contribution to all women out there who want that great flawless look in just minutes.

Show the world your beauty Bun Queens!