Hair Donut

A Hair Donut Makes Getting Ready For Any Occasion A Snap

Holidays, school dances, parties, and dates are all important occasions for young women.  These are chances for them to dress up and express their personal style.  As important as the outfit and shoes are, the hairstyle is often what makes or breaks a look.

Don’t Forget The Hair and The Hair Donut!

Hair Donut

Elaborate up-dos are elegant and with the help of a hair donut, they’re very easy to create.  A few braids will make a simple sock bun really pop.  Here’s what you will need:

    • A hair donut that matches your hair color
    • One large elastic hair band
    • Four or five smaller elastic hair bands
    • A hair brush
    • Hair spray


To start, brush your hair out until it’s smooth.  Take the large elastic and pull your hair up into a tight ponytail high up on your head.  Gather a small portion of hair from the ponytail and divide that portion into three smaller portions; create a braid that reaches from the base of the ponytail all the way to the tip.  Bind this braid with one of the smaller elastic bands.  Repeat this step until you have four or five neat braids. 

Slip the donut onto the end of the ponytail and begin wrapping it up as you normally would to create a basic sock bun.  Go slowly so you can arrange the braids evenly around the ring.  If you don’t have quite enough hair to cover the ring, take out the donut and undo one of the braids before trying again.  Once the donut is secure, use hair spray to smooth down any escaping strands and you will have a great looking hair bun for your special occasion.