How to Use Your Hair Donut

Watch our video for instructions on how to use your new hair donut. Ladies, if you are still making a sock bun, it is time to upgrade your hair bun accessories ASAP!

Step 1: Consider where you want your bun: high bun, low bun, side bun. Make ponytail accordingly.
Step 2: Pull hair through your hair donut
Step 3: Divide hair in half over the hair donut, and evenly cover the hair donut with your hair until the hair accessory is not showing. Pin hair in place with bobby pins.
Pull hair donut to top of ponytail with an inch of hair sticking out of the middle, wrap hair around donut and roll down covering the hair bun accessory with your hair until you reach the base of ponytail. 

Hair donuts are great for:

  • Wedding Hair
  • Military Sock Buns
  • Ballerina Buns
  • Sock Buns for Long Hair
  • Sock Buns for Short Hair
  • Hair Buns with Braids
  • Sock Bun Curls
  • Sock Buns with Bows
  • French Braid Sock Buns
And so many other great bun hairstyles!