Sock Bun

Try an Easy Sock Bun Hairstyle This Spring

As the weather starts to warm up, most women take a look at their wardrobe and decide it’s time to make a change.  Like others, you’re probably looking for a fresh look this spring.  Just don’t neglect to give your hairdo the same refreshing treatment that you give your closet!

Getting the Right Sock Bun Look

Sock Bun

Up-dos are hotter than ever right now.  A high, pretty sock bun is especially popular.  These sleek up-dos traditionally require a lot of twisting and pinning, not to mention a lot of practice, to get right.  A hair donut makes it possible to achieve a perfect sock bun in just seconds.  This little item lets you quickly and easily pull your hair up into all kinds of fun and fashionable styles. 

The Easiest Up-Do Ever

To make the perfect sock bun, you’ll need the following items.

·         A hair donut that matches your hair color

·         One hair elastic

·         Hair brush

·         Hair spray

Brush your hair out smoothly then pull it up into a high ponytail using the elastic.  Fan your hair out near the elastic.  Place the hair donut over the tips of your hair and spread your hair gently out to entirely cover the donut.  Next, gently roll the hair over the ring, working gradually towards your head.  In just seconds your hair will be securely wrapped; if there are any stray hairs, simply spray them into place.

Adding Interest to your Hair Bun

Once you’re comfortable creating the basic sock bun, you can start experimenting.  Decorative combs, barrettes, and multi-colored extensions are just a few ways to make the style your own. 

Don’t neglect to update your hair’s style this spring.  Just one hair donut will give you endless styling options.